Dallas Mavericks: 20-1

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Here’s a frightening thought, through Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com:”You don’t get any better than Rick Carlisle offense, however, Carlisle’s offense got a lot better this offseason.”
Drink that you in.
Last year, Carlisle’s Mavs tied for second in the league with an offensive rating of 109, decimal points supporting the NBA-best Los Angeles Clippers, according to NBA.com. While the reduction of ace sniper and continuous facilitator Jose Calderon will sting, Dallas brought to soften the blow. And a few possessions can be absorbed by Monta Ellis as well, which will not be a terrible thing for the Mavs’ assault.
The major boost comes in Chandler Parsons, who’ll play at small forward to absorb nearly all the wing minutes Shawn Marion and Vince Carter shared. Tyson Chandler mans the center of what should be an improved defense.
What Dallas has is fragile. It depends upon the wellbeing and ongoing potency of Dirk Nowitzki, around whom an offense may nevertheless be built. Nowitzki is, himself, instead remarkable, although that is a remarkable thing to say about a player.
Provided that he’s ready to stand upright, he’ll be a defense-shredder from the high place. And the rest of the Mavs will play off him as Carlisle pulls on the strings from the seat.
Doubt this set of vets.

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